Existence, You Amaze Me Completely !

It was a festive moment three years ago : the Holi morning… 150 ft up in air, with a heart full of heaps of good wishes and happiness. Little kids from across the lobby on the 14th floor troop in with beaming faces, coloured and joyous, while I was still having a private moment with the goddess.

I worked on materials spread before me, for mandatory samosa preparation, when the younger one joins in. The woman’s joy is palpable and effusive. Was I humming ? The beauty which rose within is wondrous. Adults come visiting, laughing, sat over a spread of home-made eats…

We remember the elder one, now lounging in Cape Town … I come back to my reclusive station with thanks in my heart, savouring the moment. The glass door is shut to keep out the raucous drumbeats from ground below. The radio is on. Bhang waits. The goddess is gone to absorb and spread the sea of cheer of this day.

Existence, you amaze me completely !


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