People, Press And Perspective

It is more common for people to feel than perceive. This part in our evolutionary heritage, from being animals, is still the basics by which we survive and procreate. Perception requires thinking : analysing our feelings, integrating our thoughts, a good measure of reading to know and observing to validate. Historically, people with power have ruled by making us feel miserable; and rebels with perspective have led organised opposition. Both have been concerned with people and, lately, especially concerned with people’s perspective, with information they have and use of disinformation in armed and political wars.


People in good stead have the leisure to perceive but few do, to improve or rise from wherever they are. The poor have a reason to perceive, not only to rise above their peripheral condition but to change the depressive social and political environment that keeps them marginalised. Colonial powers kept themselves in good stead at the cost of the natives. Marx and Mao, both of humble background, thought of change.


In the post-revolution and post-War era, democracy became widespread and MNCs proliferated. They both spawned the opinion-making industry : PR, Press, Media, Advertising and Public Address Campaigns. Each worked to affect their target audiences emotionally. They spoke in aspirational terms, status, relationships, longetivity and abundance, freedom and happiness, love and concern.


The opinion making industry is both ubiquitous and powerful. It categorised people who took their bait with rewarding memes : progressive, liberal, good-consuming, freedom-loving and status-aspiring. The memes were adopted by politicians for their reach and effect, to obtain the affinity of groups and communities. These memes, their campaign designers and carrier media, became far too valuable to state heads for safekeeping their seat to power and to political parties for returning them to it. The MSM-BigBiz-Politician cronyism exploited the people for mega gains for themselves signified colonialism by other means and the same well-recognised despair amongst people who could perceive but had no avenues open to usher in change in our post-revolution, legitimacy certifying democratic system, which has learnt impeccable ways to subvert the “of the people, by the people, for the people” spirit enshrined in the state constitution.


It was a helpless environment for honest perceivers until the web world bloomed with numerous social media platforms, with a reach comparable to opinion-making MSMs. It had seemed impossible to push back the deleterious, wholly imaginary, clique-designed narrative of progressive and liberal memes but the deeply concerned social warriors found battlefield sanctuaries on the web to launch their plainspeak in opposition. They found their supporting public and champions-in-team who perceived alike the liberal nexus and were as intensely concerned about their self-serving game.


It’s taken a decade to set the conservatively balanced counter narrative high and flying. The popularity of Russia’s Putin, Japan’s Abe administration, conservative winners of India’s 2014 general election, Brexit, and the success of Donald J Trump in the US 2016 presidential election are evidence of this contrary avalanche. The ball in the power game is wrested from motivated, clique- and crony-serving meme designers. It is back with avowed people-warriors in mission mode. All because there are today a million times as many individuals with perception than were there in the 19th Century and infinitely more ubiquitous and powerful media platforms on the 24/7 web than the mainstream media at the turn into 21st Century.


Today, the victory of real, grounded perspective, conservative and balanced, over the concocted, masked agenda of the liberal left seems decisive. India’s impressive turnaround during mere three years of PM Modi’s government is proof that the change is here to stay.



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