Blessed India : Modi Era 2014 ~

It’s another movement now rollong out, in people’s interest : affordable health.

That’s been the hallmark of PM Modi’S NDA coalition govt… People And Country Centered Movements : Swaccha, Farmer Services and Insurance, Girl Child, DBT, Jan Dhan, Ujjwala, Black Money, Digitisation, Defence, Anti Terror, Space, Bureaucracy Performance, Bank NPAs, Make In India, MSME, Jan Aushadhi, Judiciary, International Relations…


“We have repealed 1,200 laws. There were so many laws. We are in the process of cleaning the system so that the burden of judiciary goes down.

“Efficient governance can lessen the burden of judiciary to a large extent. And when I say efficient governance, then I see the link from the drafting of the law to its implementing authority,” he said in presence of President Pranab Mukherjee, Chief Justice of India J S Khehar besides others.


Power Plants now carry 50% less inventory of coal. Can you imagine what it means in terms of cost reduction and cash flow in hundreds of units across the country ?

That’s good governance :
Eliminating supply uncertainties.

That’s quite apart from all the gains through transparent auction of coal fields and action against crony capitalists like Naveen Jindal !


India tells : CPEC violates our sovereignty.

I remember Salman Khurshid’s wet-in-the-pant visit to China during Mauni UPA term.

We’ve come a long, long way :

Now India tells…


Adding to India — China affair now hot : Taiwan.

China fumes, warns and hopes… Playing the Taiwan card is akin to playing with fire, it says, and hopes its core concerns will be understood and respected by India.

I think of decades long insurgencies it has directly funded in East and NorthEast and through proxy all over. I also recall NSG membership and Masood Azhar vetoes. And its brazenness in East and South China seas.

Whose core concerns has China understood and respected ?



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