Wisdom : What ‘s That ?

It’s apparently a secular thing. But we wouldn’t really know enough to conclude without also knowing what the term means in real ways, as an attained capability.


We could write a shelf full of dissertation to helm the topic. But we will not because thereafter we would still feel the need to modify, edit and write some more. That’s the secular way, with thought and word,  that is perpetually afflicted with inadequacy.

I will instead quote three pithy verses of 15th Century mystic Kabir :

1  साधु ऐसा चाहिए, जैसा सूप सुभाय।

    सार सार को गहि रहे, थोथा देइ उड़ाय।।

“The wise is like a winnow : he retains the substance and let’s the chaff fly away.”

2  मन के मते न चालिये, मन के मते अनेक।

    जो मन पर असवार है, साधु कोई एक।।

“Do not be moved or driven by the mind. It changes in endless ways. He is wise who rides and reigns over the mind.”

3  जब मैं था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है मैं नाहि।

    सब अँधियारा मिट गया, दीपक देखा माहि।।

“While I was, the Knower wasn’t; now the Knower is and I am not. All darkness (of ignorance) disappeared, after I sighted this flame (of knowledge) within.”


The translations should be understood with ease. And if they aren’t, it is we who need to read it again, contemplate and assimilate until they light up our within.

What can be readily observed is that “wisdom” is an unworldly attainment that flows from the Knower-Self, in which the ego-self is entirely subsumed. It is the latter which empowers us to ride over and reign the mind, with which capability one is able to constantly separate the grain from the chaff.

How secular is that when wisdom is not attained simply by more worldly occupation or mere increased exercise in thought and speech ?



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