India’s Mainstream People

Hindus, India’s mainstream people, rarely congregate or unite for a Hindu cause. That is their non-communal nature, by their upbringing and way of life. They give people with different colour, beliefs and ways, a long rope of welcome even, as it turns out, at much cost to their own life, economy, and onslaught on their long cultured values.


Our 1000 year history in immediate past offers enough, enough evidence of :

a) how much we will tolerate and forebear,

b) the nature and extent of what we will still preserve and out-survive, and

c) how well we will adapt and build our strength, without terrorising or imposing upon others, and spring back to top.

Today the mainstream people of India have much to reclaim, wrest back … history, culture, ways, values, language, perspectives, family foundations, and geography. It is a nation wide cause, to push back the rootless secularists, imagination powered liberals, and communal aggressors alien to self restraining and self correcting ways of Dharma tenets and Karma demarches.

It is a historically crucial juncture for our nation, our people, their present and their future. We’ve given enough and are depleted of our own essence. We’ve tolerated enough and now find ourselves driven to the edge. We deserve our present unapologetic poise and our collective right to acquire, reclaim, take back and reincubate, rebuild and resurge.


Henceforth, the Hindus will congregate for their own cause, unitedly act in every which way to throw off these ideological aggressors, for one fundamental reason : the aliens, to us in the mainstream, each are jostling to establish worse options — uncivil, inhumane or subhuman — amidst the continuously evolving ways we have been raised on, in our homes and our society.

Both Christians, represented by their staging missionaries and crotch hot parsons, and Muslims, who’ve lent their identifying mark on global terror and local crime alike, are demograpgy subversives. There is little liberating religion in them; just a quest for numbers and political votebank power.

To us, the Hindus, there are no minorities in the mainstream. Our Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists and Jains, and tribes with every conceivable variety defined and not, are just the diversity essential to spell the universal truth : the One, manifest variously.



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