India’s War : Mainstream vs The Islamic Scourge

Admittedly, it’s a war out here that has prevailed since a thousand years. It’s a war of preserving a way of life that espouses humane diversity, freedom for individual enterprise and thought, liberty to be and let others be, to love with respect without causing harm or encroaching upon others, to reinforce an environment in which unconflicted families and children are raised, which promote the capacity to discriminate and uphold the right, aspire for peace on land and prosperity among people, holding all life sacred everywhere, without bigoted attitudes.

It’s a war between ways of life : of values systems humane vs inhumane or subhumane, and life perspectives karma here and now vs an imagined paradise of milk and virgins to be had. In India, it’s a war between the generous, humane and karma believing mainstream, who’d evolved beyond the ‘ideologically born-equal, liberal’ rights to freedoms, onto to a way of festive living found on instituting freedom itself in the heart of each one of us. From that culture, which prompts members of the mainstream to rise and raise, we were all pushed back, regressively, into this borrowed ideologically constituted morass since independence, based on a book of laws and principles and judicial arguers and prophets to interpret them.


The similarity our modern state has with religio-social polities, structured and regimented as in Christianity and Islam, does not end there. Gone were the soft, flowing, self shaping but deep rooted people of before, with which inner asset they could withstandsuccessive tyrannies over a millennium. What has made inroads into their polity, especially since 1947, are people who are mere armies of politicised communities structured to enforce conversion through fear and lure, blasphemy and apostasy laws, falsehood and deceit, and to motivate mobs and hordes through organised, megaphonic charity touted in churches and mosques.

The takeover of State machinery, institutions and politics, by church-worshippers and mosque-goers was masked but complete. They aligned themselves with liberals and leftists, prominently labelled as progressive, who suddenly proliferated with State patonage and diverted taxpayer largesse. Much of the 100-year lease of vast land holdings of sectarian institutions — Christian and Muslim — has since lapsed but the properties bestowed have yet to be restored. There are several other grants to rank religious and communal beneficiaries : Haj, madrassa, wakf, etc. that seem conspicuous beside laws establishing State control over temples endowed by personal contributions of mainstream people.


How then do these State carryovers from jezia centuries, and the politics of divide and rule policies from colonial era, appear to the mainstream people of India ? A deep, deep sense of loss of their cultured pagan freedoms designed to rise in truth, art and craft, and raise in compassion and love, through self effort and self-empowered enterprise. All that stared at them, through post-independence decades was an environment that promoted materialised alien ideologies, superficial and uprooting, which caused them to fall and fail, while non-native social morphs structured around religious politicism, indoctrinated missionaries and directed soldiers, creeped over them and succeeded.

India’s mainstream people remember that loss too vividly and painfully, and will always do until their entire collective experience finds a satisfactory, openly acknowledged closure. To cite an intense impact, it was once normal to nonchalantly lookover even the most bizarre of faiths people kept, and find them acceptable. More remarkably, everyone without exception enjoyed the right to be free from religion, to extents determined by their individual preference. These native societies were never organised or led by hundreds of thousands of networked tinpin god’s reps, daily applied for their own great convenience, around books and prophets and dominating men, as it happens in Christendom and the Islamic world.


Like all things today, this war in India is being politically fought and faced everywhere. However, the comeback of its mainstream people, after a long long slumber, harkens to a continuity that is almost hoary but well preserved in their texts which, to their surprise, do not appeal to any religious identity nor exhort them to any communal behaviour whatsoever.

It is that spritually cleansing heritage in their root that called the rise of Indian mainstream against sullen Islam and sullying Christianity. It will only end with countrywide acceptance of universal values and truly humane ways.



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