Action : Rubbing Firestones

Action, its need, gathers the self to a point. In its absence, the moment diffuses without meaning. BhagvadGita, the celestial Sanskrit poem, lauds the man absorbed in his quest for knowledge but is more partial towards those who do not shirk from doing what needs to be done. That is because, for one awake and aware, the need for action grounds the body and mind, the factors involved cause the mind to spread into the environment, to analyse and assess, and the concern for making our action meaningful reflects the controls we require over our self. It is a complex thing, without doubt, made even more so if we are to avoid the imagined superpositions from the real face of how our action is to work.

All action needs the will for action. But if action is to like rubbing of firestones, to cause an illuminating fire in darkness, the will for action must be cultured, elevated from its bed in emotion to one flowing from our understanding of our need for action, its factors and process-bound consequence. Our action must first be in our mind, in the light of what we know, what we believe and what we understand.


Finally, the will for action must strengthen in our breath, which must have the capacity for fire, now simmering and still and then moving in the light summoned within, as needed. The nurturing of will is in effect the culturing of our elan vital, the life force strummed and tightened with our breath, to ready ourselves for the act.

The capacity we build and possess is more valuable than our action. It makes things happen both without and within.



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