Hindu — The Word

#Hindu — the word — is identifying of us, the mainstream people of India. It is a hard identity only while facing the political, predatory, spiritually cipher Abrahamic religions — Christianity and Islam. Events in India’s thousand year long past, reinforced in the present, has convinced us that indiscriminate, soft, embracing sense for other belief systems is misplaced and self destructive.


Hindu — the word — is not a particular hard descriptor otherwise. That indescribable fluidity is still etched in how we accept ourselves regardless of the apparent strangeness we present amongst us on account of diversity in evidence — languages, deities, clothes, food and rituals. This acceptance of differences in ways of life is not intellectual but found on an inalienable softness built into inner structures that form our very being as individual people.

Hindu — the word — is hence more enigmatic, wonderfully undefined but pregnant with meanings, than any other I have come across. Which, of course, is transcendental to how the word is regarded by linguists : as an adaptation of Sindhu, the River Indus in the north west of the country.



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