America, The Idea Liberals Puff Up

“For those Americans—Democrats and Republicans—who cherish America’s global role as a beacon of freedom and democracy, a Trump presidency presents a clear and present danger. Leaders in both parties must meet this challenge head-on before Mr. Trump irreparably damages our cause.”

So, the WSJ carries. That the writer is personally anti-Trump, in thought or pathology, would not have arrested my surf on web. It is this idea projected on America, as beacon of freedom and democracy, that reminded me for long how the US bedded dictators and junta rulers everywhere, how it fomented trouble in sovereign countries and caused utter disasters on account of the liberal “mission,” not unlike the missionaries who take on the “white man’s burden” and leave people in superstition, ignorance and colonised.


The US — America — turned into a big dog international bully under that unbridled mantle of beaconous ideology, which was misused and worse by its delusioned champions. It seeded intentions divorced from reality, from the fraternity common amongst equals, the friendliness and humility we bear for people in various climes and polity, who are the same striving and aspirational but appear and seem so different. America, if it had not ideologically tippled over, would have gathered the world around itself.

I hope the Trump presidency will keep America on real grounds and not be rushed by slogan shouting in its streets, media, or in invitations from politicking opportunists abroad.


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