#Demonetisation To Several Cures

It’s an angry post directed against economic thiefs and robbers, and those who peddle counterfiets to finance deadly disturbances to impede propagation of law and order in society.

What does a physician do to a patient that refuses the cure and instead prefers to leaps for indulgences that would fatally harm him ? What if a few of such patients group together, grow loud and prevent dispensing medication to very many who understand their situation and the need for bitter, even painful, antidotes ?


All naysayers a la MMS, and the paw-pawing politicians materially affected by current note ban, are speaking of its impact on the economy and on us citizens. But do they even understand the negative impact of black or fake currency on our lives, on our economy and national security, against which the demonetisation decision has been taken :

One, an economy with large parallel economy preferentially serves those with unaccounted cash, who have stolen from the Treasury and not paid for their share of use of public sevices and infrastructore; they warp and skew the marketplace, that is every sector of industry, to their own favour, against the interest of common people.

In addition, large concentrations of such stash pose give their holders inconceivable and unpredictable power to pose threats to national security and manipulate the market, cause stampede, cheapen the value of money owned by honest earners, fund disruptions, etc.

Two, the impact of fakes and counterfiets in promoting terror and maoist activities is all too clear : Kashmir is peaceful, 98% attended their school exams, maoist surrender in hordes… All leading to fewer loss of lives of our citizens working for our security.

Will the naysayers quantify the value of all those lives saved ? How much does it mean, in their estimate, to have order and development prevail once again in all the “disturbed” areas marked by mayhem, rape and murder ? What is the value of reinstating honest values and ethical standards in our societies everywhere ?

Those who oppose PM Modi’s note ban announcement made on Nov 8 must answer these questions before they understand the full value and base imperatives behind the decision. It only thereafter that merits of this radical promulgation, to demonetise higher currencies, can be weighed.

Demonetisation, after 70 years of misrule, half-hearted administration and rank corruption, is truly of a kind at this point in the history of our young nation : One Measure, Several Essential Cures. The difficulty and inconvenience, some factual much pedalled, is small small price to pay for us citizens to have a more secure nation, less manipulated markets, uniform and honest value of money in marketplaces all over, restoration and propagation of mainstream values and ethics, promotion of cashless society and availability of factual data for administering our nation and economy.

But do these ill motivated and misguided ignorants even get it ?

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