Y I Rooted For Trump

All along, when the mainstream media was plastering headlines of a landslide Hillary Clinton victory, I had rooted for Donal Trump, less at first for his positive than in clear opposition to who the challenging candidate was and what she represented.


A virulently anti–Trump thought–holder voiced in an online post, post-Hillary-defeat, that seems almost calamity-calling and expressive of deep wounds the Trump win has caused among some people.

No, I know the online friend is a liberal and has been against Trump for the “values” that the man, and his then unlikely Presidency, seemed to deny. The fears my friend now voiced were expected, again on account of loss of the same enlightenment values he sincerely champions.

I believed that the real issues before the American people, the fears they held, could not be addressed by a candidate who was a huge part of the problem, a leading figure in all that had caused them in the first place :


Well, post Trump win, I hold no fears, at least not any more than any Presidency might draw. Trump is no butcher, a rape wave raising debauch. There are the same controls and checks he will have to face, even from within his ownparty. I am so sorry that institutions like FBI proved so easy to corrupt and manipulate, as pre-election events did prove. But the laws of the land are still there, firm and clear as ever.

Apart from the routine (State policies are not changed by a single man in the US, even if he is the POTUS), Trump holds the most promise to disrupt the status quo. That’s my sincere belief. I like the fact that he questioned the slow growth rate of US economy. That’s the reality closer to American people than all the fiberal narrative peddled by MSM, through their sponsored and, if I may unreservedly say, corrupt covering of the sins of Her Masters Voice.

I hope Trump kickstarts US attention to real issues, matters close to real people, and find solutions to the problems now staring into the faces of the people and the United States of America.

Let’s get down to the real world than manipulative abstracts, lip served for selfish ends for long.

Hip Up, World, Let’s Get Real !



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