The Self Rises To Where It Ever Was

It sure seems a paradox — that definitive rise of being at the same place ? What and from where ? To where all and how ? It appears to violate all laws of natural science and forces us conjure several alternate, creative models in mathemagical terms such as the theory of relativity, and its rather bizarre conclusions, once demanded of us, and pondering over the origin and constitutional nature of our universe still forces.

Re-reading the above paragraph, it is dense even for me to comprehend. So, to communicate this inner sight of self-free over the self-in-action during samadhi — self in yogic bliss, I will come back to yogic terminologies proper.


The Mool centre glows white as our forever anchor, the Svadhishthan self-disssatisfaction centre is quenched cipher, and the Naval Prana centres with Vyana, in volumetric expansion and stable dilatory cycle, beyond the linear rise and descent of Prana and Apana, and even beyond their fleeting concurrence in the Heart.

In that configuration of inner forces, awakened and in sight, the top three are open, the unmoving Vishuddha blinking to long dilatory cycles, the Aagya lit wide from between the brow, holding the inner vision itself, and the self-free looking over this wondrous self-in-action, the backend of the individual being which remains commonly veiled to the materially grappling, selfishly grasping and spiritually gasping person-in-the-world.


This then is the yogic bliss in that stable, absorbingly felt vision : self-free over the self-in-action. This self-free is forever the witness, reflecting in the intellect and causing self conflictions perceived as our conscience. As for the self-in-action we are, immersed in the world, it is commonly centred in the gray Svadhisthan streaming rising dissatisfaction and fleeting contentment, and corresponding emotional webs with their own wills into which the individual self arrestingly cascades. In between, it has thoughts and ideas, few of which he then delights in and one or two he may commit to in the short term. Long term committments are rare, extremely rare, to this individual self.

The whole of these observations must considered as personal, as they are in my own experience.

Yet wasn’t I collating and witnessing the Being and its Self ? As they are. In me.



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