Oh, Why , Why Support Trump ?

This is a rant in New York Times that is pretty informative and interesting. It lays out well illustrated “truth vs lies” thesis only to lament, “Why, why do people still support Trump ?”

That is mystery, unacceptable mystery behind this now open fact : Trump has support of the American people. But why, when he lies 3 times more than Hillary, he’s already an announced groper, and is an obnoxious personality with a bundle of ill-considered views on very important American policies and matters of grave consequence for both the US and the world.

My answer to this indecipherable “why” is that the common American senses that he can do it. What ? What can he…do ?

In a word : disrupt.


Trump can disrupt the elites now ruling America and their opaque elitist ways. The American people want to disrupt the manner in which they have so far been governed, the way their lives and their economic environment has been managed, and the way American democratic and transparency institutions have been subverted to serve self not-people interests.

The unraveling email dumps have only confirmed the muck the people of this country has been covered with by just a few, who have persistently pursued their personal interests and their political warchests from huge special interest funds that seek persons in power to do their bidding. The current President Obabama has done that right through his two. The grant of amnesty to Monsanto, support to barbaric Saudi govt, Libya tragedy and fiasco, regime change goals in Syria, double speak on Iran, Ukraine potboil and breakdown of relations in Russia, approval of oil pipeline in complete disregard to Native American sentiments, persecuting whistleblowers of what is all that wrong with the US Govt over the decades… to name a few.

Donald Trump’s actions and views, and his frontal demeanor, seems to say to the American people that he can disrupt the opaqueness in both the government and the Republican party he is a nominee of. That would be a huge beginning. The fact that he funded his relatively small electoral campaign expense majorly with his own money adds to his uninfluenced persona and credibility.

That is what the Americal people want, at this stage. Nothing less, not all the political correctness and think tank word gymnastics. Not any more any of this facade of facetious anouncements in journalistic dailies and 24 hour radio and brodcasting channels anchored by greatly applauded minds. Not the deviousness, cunning, and myriad dubious special interest obligations, which takes the governance away from focus on people issues and twists it all into the same entrenched labyrinthine arteries of dark corruption.

No sir, no madam, the American people are sick and tired of these duplicitous governance ways that fills all their holes with hopes that do not materialise, that only make their own lives worse while the elites shine with more bubble.. No, not any more of this that just does not deliver.

That is what Trump, the off the cuff guy, promises to disrupt.



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