Who’s Stalling, Your Lordship ?

Media Headlines screamed :

#CJI Thakur “Slams” the govt for “stalling” judges appointment (through its opaque collegium system that the Court itself has faulted) …


Here are the bare facts though, quoted in govt’s response :

“The government is keen to expedite appointment of judges and as explained in the court, 86 fresh appointments have been made in the high courts. 121 additional judges have been made permanent, 14 chief justices have been appointed and four chief justices transferred…”

Besides, 18 additional judges have been given extension and four judges to the apex court were also appointed and 33 judges of high courts have been transferred.

The govt pointed out that there is a judicial direction to finalise the MoP – a document to guide appointment of Supreme Court and High Court judges – to make collegium more transparent and objective and to make the the zone of consultation wider.

The direction was given because the existing system was found to be flawed. The MoP, as per the direction of the apex court, should be finalised by the Chief Justice of India with a unanimous view of the fellow members of the collegium.

“The government’s view is pending before the SC for two months now. That also needs to be expedited now,” the govt said.



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