We, The Good And The Bad…

The modern saga is about both liberty or freedom and collossal governance verticals to segregate, punish or remove the bad.

That’s a tall order, not only because the bad persist and even flourish but because those charged with the first order task, of catching, punishing and removing them, are themselves bad. Removing them becomes the second order task for govt verticals.


The tasks are nonetheless ours to persist at with accuracy and vigour. But it is obvious that any puritanical ideology, religious or secular, will exacerbate the natural, commonly existing situation, and be self defeating. There is no way we’ll have all good someday; the bad will forever remain in our midst.

It is inescapable hence that we all need to be capable of embracing both bad and good. The least we demand of bad people is to aspire to be good, to not harm any other by their persisting badness.


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