The Kaveri Water War

#Kaveri issue … is a complex one :
How did the SC adjucate, 15000 cusecs award to TN or reduced it to 12000 cusecs upon representation by Karnataka ?


Curiously, the SC found it fit to preface its reduced award with a sermon on obedience expected of people and how its solemn pronouncements should be considered sacred. The bases of its judgement in this instance should fill it with enough merit instead, to seem transparently equitable and just to people of both the states.

— One, Karnataka is both the upper riparian state and the state with river catchment areas at its origin. It therefore has a natural right over the Kaveri River waters.

— Tamilnadu is lower riparian state in need of Kaveri River water for drinking and agriculture — lifeline, in short — for large number of its people. It also has catchment areas from which water drains into the Kaveri River.

— A just award for water distribution would vary with the total flow into the River from catchment areas in Karnataka and those in TN. If, say, the total flow through Karnataka is very low, in a drought year, the natural right of its people, as being in an upper riparian state, would gain primacy over the right of people in TN.

So, a just award of distribution of waters must not be a single figure for all months and years but in the form of a table, listing the total flows of waters measured in the river, as recorded from catchment areas in Karnataka and TN respectively, over the months in an year and over the years during monsoon adequacy and deficient seasons. The award of waters to be released by Karnataka may then be determined in each case, in order to seem equitable enough to TN people and just enough to people in Karnataka.

God knows, how the SC of India has gone about in granting its award of Kaveri waters to TN. It needs measured facts of actual water flows to seem equitable and just. The nonchalant manner in which it decided to reduce its award from 15000 to 12000 cusecs, just upon reports of mayhem in Karnataka, makes it seem too adhoc, too lottery like. That isn’t a just pronouncement, solemn and sacred, but more like escapist tomfoolery played by minds under pressure, if you ask me.


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