Maya : Oh, Dear…

Oh, dear, what would we be without it ? Generations of Brahmn obsessed truth seekers have lampooned this “causal veil” even while breathing and eating, and doing oneself to life, by its fundamentally empowering effects.

Every initiate to Vedic practice is shown the ultimate to be achieved (realised) : Brahmn, the supremely pervasive substratum to all realities in our experience and being. And Maya is posited as the mother of all obstructions in the way.

Enter the philosophising intellectuals and the morphs harden in their sermons : Brahmn is the desired God and Maya the devilish Satan to be broken and shunned. This sense then enters our vocabulary, language and expressions of what is spiritually good and what is bad.

In a post- scientific age, the missionary mascots take stage to dwell on “frontiers” of science to impress upon us how new research reconfirms the sanatan saying, ” Brahmn satya, jagan mithya.” That is, Brahmn alone is truth, all else is not. The particle physicists go about presenting the God particle while the rest of us still unsure of that one which was Brahmn. Of course, Maya, fie upon her, we sing in chorus, remains the primary accused for everything that fails us from clarifying and fixing the truth absolutely.

Let me get off this ignorance, dark and deep, and join the commoners — the farmers, painters and musicians, the workers with immediacy in thought, and the historians who know the entire event-filled journey we have travelled. It doesn’t take much science for us to know that there is no blueness in the sky. That, in fact, all colours and smells, and sensed presence of things, are in the way our brain and nerves work, and our mind consequently feels and understands : to keep us alive and be.

It’s plain that both flowers and crap have no smell in them. But aren’t we glad to have this Maya effect within us that enables us to distinguish the two ? We would find every Maya effect similarly fundamental to our being; and yes, there is no Maya other than in its effects.

It is then plain : there is this being, Brahmn, and all things fundamental to our being, Maya. That is us. Which shall we choose, and how ? It is One.



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