The Hindu Will Prevail

I would anyday have a laugh at this thought that #Christians ot #Islamists save people from hell when they convert. Except that their seriousness is frightening, as they go about this Satan and angels fib on television or the rooh and Shaitan drama on Fiji radio. They actually believe the crap, see it as real in their mind, and hence sound so menacingly sincere when they are convincing others.

Religiously open countries like India must have laws mandating such sickness of mind as a curable condition, requiring expert counselling until patients are able to sense the everyday wonders of the living God within and without us.

What to do ? The developed world is mostly xtian and many poorer ones are islamic. The rollicking frollicking pagans are in a minority, in comparison, but bear the burden of showing to the conditioned brutes what love and freedom and beauty means to our universally karma priviledged selves.

That is, since we really cannot join them in the methods they adopt : propaganda and fear, mental and physical. All of the rest of us must live up to be examples of this way of life, in our blissful solitudes and loving togetherness with seasons and other people.

Which is not to advocate any complacency in buildup of our armed forces, who are trained to be selectively brutal and ruthless in defence against hordes emptied of reason.

Hail India ! The Hindu will prevail.



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