Your Lordships, Don’t Mess…

There is no sagacity in this Supreme Court judgement #Arunachal

Now governors are not to bother themselves in unsavoury, unethical, even horsetrading amongst elected reps.

Who will ? The answer is important because what happens amongst our elected reps gains headline space and affects the society, esp the youth.

This judgement has ruled over the institutional framework of Central oversight over happenings in states. What happens when there is rampant, excessive undemocratic behaviour that threatens the desired social norms and distort personal values ? The SC judgement says, do not worry… let it be.

I recall the recent judgement on disproportionate assets : it practically endorses corruption and wheeling dealing when the SC deems that mere having DA does not violate the law.

The Arunachal Pradesh judgement is the law. But there is no justice value in it; it is not just. It will not promote the rule of law as to encourage right political ways and social values.

This SC judgement makes for law without perspective. It has far reaching effect without the much needed farsight.

“Your Lordships, please don’t mess with our life,” appeals the Vox Populi.



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