Reality And The Sight For It

It isn’t easy to spot amid our own strong want. But there is a reality staring at us. We, on the other hand, are driven by what is on our mind, which is a consequence of our nurtured conditioning, hormonal flooding or psychological impression come overpoweringly to life. In each case, the concern is with our business for ourself.


Reality is of a totally different league : it can do without us, completely. If we feel compelled to relate with it situationally, we can do so only in terms bound to the situation itself. It is a situational vanilla before the man of action sheens it over with the light of his own goal or purpose and thoughtfully positions himself within it to act in order to intercede over the dynamics, such as to move and direct things towards his own aims.

This material reality is beyond the sight of people who are filled with their own willfulness, swayed by those short cycle intense emotions which seize us for unproductive satisfactions and disappear without a trace thereafter. These are the multitudes wedded to personal want, need or greed, who are without the capacity for a long lasting resolve, in the nurturing of which we are self empowered with focus, patience, critical sight and strategic orientation.

There is a reality greater, more pervasive, than the material or situational one. But who has the capacity for eternal resolve to strive for that ?



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