Writing And The Writer

At first, you write while you do not know how and desperately want to.

Then, you write because you know how to and want to write.

Do you ever pass into phase when you can but no longer want to ? That, not out of laziness or incapacity of any kind.

To most Westerners, the answer is an instant, “No.” You write until it pays, in cash or kind. The Easterner has a more sophisticated, complicated, values perspective if he or she is initiated into the art of accessing the layers of subtle phenomenal being within.

All of us are caught up in the unceasing whirls of psychological or psychical effects, whether we know it as such or not. Few live through its tides and enter the portal of causal space of their own being, their own self. They verge on the rarest of rare opportunity : of being a Grand Zero, bathed in absolute freedom.

They have no want. It is all beautifully exhausted, depleted to its own wonderful nothingness.

What do they then do : write or not ?
God alone knows.

Or maybe, even he does not !



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