One Question, Please !

#AgreedNationalValues …

It troubles me no end to realise that ” WE The People ” of India cannot cite 10 values we espouse in common, derived from our shared nationhood. What are they, which our nationhood means or assures to each one of us ? We are intelligent people for sure; there are many who will draw up a list on their own and the rest would be able to choose their lot from a more consolidated form. But what are those 10 things we all agree upon in common, that are a matter of pride and priviledge which our distinct nationhood uniquely bestows upon us, which we in turn accept and grant to each other and to ourselves ?

I am thinking of a short document, corporate like : crisp, clear and unambiguous, in few words and perhaps 10 – 20 bulletted lines. Would it include our historical heritage, the non-ideological corner stones of the Sanatan way — the Ram Rajya ? Language, cultural and literary heritage ? Would it include some of those socialistic values that our Constitution makers definitely had in mind, which our second Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri speaks of ? Wouldn’t it include the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms ? The habitat and environment ? Education, work, food and shelter ? Taxation ceiling ? Heroes ? Our diversity, cultural and anthropological ?

What are our Agreed National Values that we would distinguish ourselves at, individually and collectively ?


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