Journal : Happy And Thoughtful

A headline about women and minorities triggers thought on an allied topic : radicalism. It morphed from being a cause to being a fad, and has since become a political corner stone of leftist ideology.

Radicalism was a cause proper against that traditional “rule by divine right” of monarchical institutions, clerical eminence, feudal social values system and supporting economic structure. Then, it became a political “holy cow,” ideologically. That socialistic phase saw much churn and upturning alongwith killing of tens of millions of people.

Radicalism remained thereafter as a slogan spouting fad, especially among the youth, and as a political creed for democratic power game.

What does radicalism mean today ? A perversion that fights for justice to rapists and for human rights of terrorists.

I would much rather prefer the reformed tradition, which still regards rape as heinous and terror as unacceptable. Sabka saath, sabka vikas is a good rallying point for the traditionalist mainstream.


How about a mob being led by a slogan : Rape is good. Give us your mother, aunts and sisters. Break up the family…

Is this acceptable admission to our right to freedom of speech, even as a slogan ?


I have no thought about revenge. #IndvsAus #WCT20

The play was extraordinary for the large, daring heart and exceptional skill that @ImViratKohli showed he has. The beauty of that play in the 3rd last over, the 2nd last, followed by Dhoni’s winning boundary in the first ball of the last over… it stayed in the mind like an unforgettable taste you tend to remember for long after the meal is over !


Illegal migrants from #Bangladesh have patrons in #MamataBanerjee #CPIM #Congress #TarunGogoi #ArvindKejriwal

Such are the current political leaders in our country today. These are people who are criminally ill-educated about the sanctity of nationhood, citizenship, demographic and social integrity.

#UP’s #SP of Mulayam and Azam Khan act similarly to protect their vote banks among #Muslim anti socials and anti nationals.


Supporters stand by ideas and programs.

Sycophants stand by persons and personalities.


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