Atharva Veda : The Commerce Man — 2500 B C … Sarasvati Indus Valley Civilisation

A Merchant’s Prayer For Success In His Business :


I stir and animate Indra, the merchant.

May he approach us

And be our guide and leader

Chasing ill will, wild beast and highway robber.

May He who has the power

Give to me the riches I seek.

The many paths that Gods are wont to travel

The paths that go between heaven and earth

May they all rejoice with me.

Through these oblations

I offer milk and clarified butter

That I may be rich

And profit by my purchase.


With fuel for thou. O Agni !

I offer butter and my longing

For strength and conquest.

And, with prayer for strength

I adore this holy hymn

To gain a hundred treasures.

O Agni, pardon our repeat submission.

We have trod this distant road.

Favour us in our effort

To sell and barter.

Make our merchandise exchange deals profitable.

Accept the twin offerings in our libations

And grant that they be propitious.

Make our ventures prosperous

And enhance our income.


Ye gods ! I seek to add

To the wealth I carry for my transactions.

This very wealth I offer to thee.

May this wealth grow for me, not less.

O Agni, upon this sacrifice

Chase away those that hinder our profit !

Ye gods ! I seek to add

To the wealth I carry for my transactions

This very wealth I offer to thee.

Herein, with this libation

May Indra, Savitr and Soma

Prajāpati and Agni

Give me splendour.


O Hotr-priest Vaisvanara !

We sing thy praise with reverence.

Keep thou watch over our children

Over our bodies, kine and lives.

Still to thee, O Jatavedas

Ever will we bring oblation

As to a stabled horse.

Joying in food, O Agni

And in the growth of our riches

May we, thy servants, never suffer.


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