Atharva Veda : A Farmer’s Song

A Farmer’s Song And Prayer :


Wise and devoted to the Gods

Skilful men fast bind ropes to the plough
And yoke (the oxen) on either side.

Lay on the yokes and fasten well the traces :

Sow the seeds in the furrow formed.

Viraj ! vouchsafe us

While we sense the plenty with restraint
Let the ripe grain come home

With drawing of the sickle.

The sharp share of the plough bringeth bliss

While traces on the oxen

And stilts on the ground

Hold it right and steady.

(Ho-ha-ha !) Shear out for me a cow or sheep

Get a rapid driver to the cart

And a blooming woman, plump and strong.

May Indra press the furrow down

May Pushan guard and cherish her.
May she, well stored with love

Yield lovingly for us

Through each succeeding year.

Happily let the share turn up the soil

The men happily follow the oxen.

Suna and Sira !

Pleased with our sacrifice

Make the plants bring

Abundant produce to this man.

Happily may our steers and men work.

May the plough furrow happily.
Happily be the traces bound.

Happily may the driving goad ply.

Suna and Sira !

Welcome ye to this laud.

Bedew ye both this earth of ours

With the milk that ye have made in heaven.

Auspicious Sita, come thou near :

We venerate and worship thee
That thou mayst bless us

Bestow prosperity upon us

And bring to us

Abundant fruits for our efforts.

Loved by the Visvedevas and the Maruts

Let Sita be bedewed with oil and honey.

Turn thou to us, O Sita

With the wealth of milk

In vigour and strength

And pouring streams of clarified butter.


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