Perspective : Expanse And Limit

Sky is not the limit. Nor is it wrapped around our loins. Both are occasional, however, once when we are euphoric and next when we are overcome with the lust for carnal. In both cases, natural to human beings, we lose sight of perspective of the kind that stays with our reason and steadies us through ethical and moral dilemma. The euphoric super — human perspective in our notion, of ourself in the world, overwhelms but soon shrinks to level with reality. The sub-human emotion coiled-up around the carnal objective in our exclusive focus, likewise, releases us one way or other and settles in subconscious as a faraway trace of a dream.

Recent happenings and public debate in India, and elsewhere, can be analysed in the light of perspectives we humans ought to keep. For instance, the freedom of expression forcefully invoked by individuals and groups, primarily for politikal purposes, never appends the “reasonable constraints” our constitution mandates. Similarly, the group identity raked up by individuals when convenient, in making demands from the State, overlooks the fact that there are millions more much worse off for whom the federal government is as responsible. A pinhole view is never of the same order as a panoramic view.

Assuming that states in modern democracies are reasonably moved to keep people interests centre-stage, and corruption off the table, it seems rich to me that there are special interest groups pressing for their with airy secular-liberal ideas and those more organised and vocal wanting benefits for themselves. The end result of their action is subversion of the democratic system of governance, in one case, and unwarranted mockery of sincere leadership, in the other.

Traditionally, we confer heart-felt benediction for good health and prosperity for all life everywhere, without failing to do our utmost for those in our family, community and the nation. Most amongst us may find themselves exhausted, trying to merely meet the two ends. Yet, I will not accuse them of hypocrisy when they prayfully voice their goodwill for other people. Never.

The limit to what we can do cannot be faulted for the well-being in our unreserved intent. At times, with most of us, wishing for good, beauty and truth, is all that is within our means. Let us hold on to that expansed perspective. There is a values system inhering in it.


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