What, A Higher Reality ?

I really do not know how to broach or present this one. Yet, it is what I want to, now, when it seems to me the most important…

Let just start, shall we ! Everyone has realised some time or other the one underlying fact which totally changed the sense we had of a situation or sight before us : suddenly, the apparent victims turn culpable and the hard core nuisance character appears to have a far more sound, fundamentally substantial, basis for his behaviour. First, it meant one way to us, as they appeared; then, they acquire a more real, truer basis of why and how they were. That is, things clarified after the realisation dawned and the meanings apparent to our emotional take of the matter gave way to another, quite, out of a more correct and solid understanding of things.

It is like a compelling realisation, now etched sharp and clear despite your self, from behind a haze, as it were, that had camouflaged the truth out of our vision.

* * *

Self realisation has the S of self in capital. It is because we are not speaking of our outgoing self, desiring and wanting, wishing and wisping, watching itself in the mirror surroung by an immense aura of exclusion and separation from the other individuals. It is realisation of the Self of ourself, within and behind. It is the Self on which our self rests, of which it is animated, which shines within ourself night and day.

If the suggestion means something to one, it is because he or she has found a way to travel within and see, rather sense, the being within but absolutely distinct and apart from the existential — feeling — emoting- — experiencing — self. How do we know ? By the absolute absence of this existential self just then, while the sense of the Self lasts. It is not if it is not thus overwhelming and absolute a presence.

Obviously, few would confirm such a realisation and be true about it. It does not just happen; and never through willfulness. It takes a seemingly endless self-effort, sensivity towards the phenomenon manifest within oneself, and the stupendous self-believe to ratify the reality witnessed by the unanimous consent of one.

It is then not necessary to be a student or practitioner of Dhrupad, the Indian classic oral music system, to understand the nature of the self effort it takes to master those pressure points of consciousness within the body, from which the Dhrupad singer draws to intently qualify the sounds issuing from the same common voice box in the throat.

It is a miracle, and would be equally miraculous if you see what I mean !

Hear the Gundecha brothers explain :

Tell us if you will…


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