This Has To Change…

I like the expression but only with a quiet passion behind it. A militant loudness spells an emptiness within the sound of it. I naturally will myself to stand with it when it is a statement, not a declaration.

My views of homosexuals’ call is similar : make things change, by youUr own example. It isn’t something to be worn on the sleeve. The last time it was done with the Star of David badge in Nazi Germany, and we know how vulgar, oppressive, terror and ultimate discrimination it was. Nor can you start on converting those around to shore up your sense of security that being in a crowd tends to provide.

The real way forward is not to demand or expect much from the mainstream community and be a part of it, instead. There are very many common, mainstream issues of more basic nature, affecting millions. Their importance and urgency will not change because one or few among us have special needs. There are government institutions and policies to suport and facilitate. We need to take it and strengthen ourselves, create our own flow through the day, and find ways to be and seem one among all… aspiring, doing, reading, talking, laughing and loving.

* * *

I heard the line coming from women wanting equality in public spaces like pubs and restaurants, and roads to loiter. Most of it is not only filled by men but dominated by them. A woman’s presence raises eyebrows, suggesting questions or even more aggressive or teasing volleys.

I can see why such behaviour and vibes are idiotic. Why can’t they see how they are driving beautiful people away ? People who are perhaps are the best of our kind !


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