Winter, Heart And Trump

Swapan Dasgupta lays out a contrarian scope to Donald Trump’s call to bar entry of Muslims in the United States, until there is a robust and accurately differentiating mechanism in place to filter in only those who subscribe to universal human values. Dasgupta says that Trump was “merely following a time-tested technique of protest : using drama to force attention on an issue. In effect, he was doing with words what the terrorists he so loathes do with guns or bombs.” You may read the rest of the article here…

The usual social media herds have reacted to Trump’s remark sharply and have more or less echoed President Obama’s exhortation not to “demonise Islam.” Which, in my view, is really the point : to caution the world and the Muslim communities everywhere against ideological Islam, one which is religiously political and not spiritually religious. Obama, and the entire secular-liberal lot, fail to distinguish the ideology from the man.

I would embrace any Muslim – the man – if and only if he were without Islam – the ideology. The world must encourage the Muslim the man, with a spiritual religion to practise within the bounds of his home, tending to his soul with discrimination and love. What we see instead are Muslim mobs, speaking and hearing of a political ideology that is intolerant of others with different beliefs, that mocks at universally accepted human values, vocations, industry and aspirations.

The world must stop treating the ideological followers of Islam with kid gloves. That is what Trump’s call is all about. Because they mean terror, death, rape and destruction : material, ethnic and cultural. Those who died in San Bernardino deserve more than mere lip sympathy : their death must prod us to prevent more such carnage and massacres in future.

* * *

The winter is here. It is a change I guess most of us wait eagerly for, for our individual reasons. I like the sunshine during these cool and cold days. It spells light and comfort, the mellow feel, against the blinding fury it strikes us with in summer months. Personally, it also reminds me of life in the mountains and physical wellness…

Those with a heart condition must however take good care, keep themselves warm, take blood thinners if necessary in consultation with their medic, and generally pay close attention to metabolical and respiratory functions.

It is especially the season for thanks. We should be healthy and happy enough to give fully, with our whole heart.


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