Journal : Dec 26, 2011 : 2.30 AM

My first real blogpost…also the journal entry of the day. It was a bitterly cold day. There was a basket of thoughts on my mind, from my son’s departure for long work stay in SAfrica to prtions of a fine spiritual discussion brought over from elsewhere.

There is something of the universal man in local happenings here.

Truth Within, Shines Without

Delhi :  The cold wave has intensified. Temperatures in London, Dublin and Athens are 6 – 7 deg C. In Delhi, Amritsar ( Punjab ) and Churu ( Rajasthan ) thermometer readings are touching 2.9, – 0.6 and – 1.6 respectively. Gurgaon ( Haryana ) might have hovered around 0. In the morning, dew on the grass at India Gate seemed like icicles.

It is bitter in the mountains : Pahalgam Kashmir ) – 4.1, Kalpa ( Himachal ) – 6 and Chamoli ( Uttarakhand ) 3. Uttarakhand seems a shade better off, but a low maximum temperature of about 15 – 17 in Chamoli, Almora and Nanital makes life tough all the same.

And, as with every other crisis that descends upon us, it is the poorest and weakest who die, despite having the largest of hearts to embrace misery with expanded measures of peace. Not one of them…

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