@PMOIndia, Think For A Moment !


Whether it is the corrupt, anti-national or paid media … It is all evident in the money trail, more black than white.

How much has been spotted ?
How many has your Govt prosecuted ?

What good is all this ‘development’ if it only strengthens the alien religionists, the corrupt, the anti-national and the paid media ?

Because all that strength will come back at you, at us who support you, and win power for them politically.

Do your Ministers understand as much ?
Are the Civil Services cadres with you ?
Is Arun Jaitley, the Fin and I&B Minister, with you on this ? And Justice AP Shah, the SIT chief ?

Why has Govt given up on NJAC ?
Was the Govt counsel, Mukul Rohatgi, merely bluffing when he declared in Supreme Court that the collegium system is passe even if the NJAC is struck down ?

Why has the Govt not resorted to Joint Parliamentary sessions, to get over legislative obstruction in Rajya Sabha ?

Who are these ‘advisors’ around you that are keeping you and your govt weak and your party defensive ?

Think, for a moment …


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