Dear BJP Supporters & Modi Admirers…


I sense ‪#‎BJP‬ supporters and ‪#‎Modi‬ admirers are upset with critical backlash that has followed. But is losing one state after another an acceptable way forward ?

Vision is an idea we have for the future. It is much-needed for our nation and our people. PM Modi has that. It makes him the best person to lead us into the future.

However, losing elections also takes away the opportunity to translate that vision on the ground. Winning the people to vote for you is a totally different task, a political thing. It is as much about adding to one’s own strength, to the capacity for identity and affinity in our people-connect effort, as to cripple the opposition by causing its strengths to dissolve or diminish in people’s estimate. There are “positive” ways of doing that negative thing !

Those who have a stake in the party’s success will be troubled with electoral losses, more concerned upon a total blank and very exercised with repeat reversals. They would want to know why. They would have things to say about likely corrections.

A good political party should be able to listen to its supporters and inform its admirers. Or, should it shove its head into the sky, like a camel, and walk away in silence towards the next electoral rendezvous ?

Nobody has a sure key to electoral success. But let’s keep trying in ways that is neutralising to the tricks and tactics of the opposition. It’s more than a handful, it is evident, since it caused the people to elect the leadership of a convicted felon, known corrupts and their allies, over PM Modi’s vision.

Shall we ?


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