Thank You, Dear Readers !

It feels good to let you know :
This blog will hit the 100,000 mark before the year-end.

Can’t thank you enough !

A quick view of the stats suggests that…

— 70% of the total views occured during the last two years.

— half of the total views are from India and the US. The count from UK and France are comparable. That from Canada compares with UAE and Phillipines.

It’s humbling to know that viewers of this blog in Muslim or Islamic countries are significantly more than those in Buddhist or Hindu majority lands. Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Bangladesh rank way ahead of Thailand, Srilanka, Nepal or Mauritius. Views from Germany is just marginally more than from Pakistan.

Summarily, the blog has found readership in all countries except Greenland and few nations in Africa.

I cannot say that I will try harder because extending the reach of this blog has never been a reason behind what I write, even remotely.

And there is no likelihhod of me putting up posts on fashion, travel, food or sex… which, I am told, are more popular among readers far and near.

In India, the festival season has just begun, since August when siblings celebrated Rakhi. The week-long Durga Puja ended a week back and Diwali — the Festival of Light — will see a pan-India participation just 10 odd days later… Oh, it will remain a mad house well until March next year, with one celebration following another every few weeks or sooner !

My best wishes to you, whatever occasion you observe with happy fervour : Diwali, Christmas or New Year !

I love them all. They each move people to gladness. And that’s a beautiful thing, anyday.


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