In India, Islamists Are As Vile As Papal Xtians

Thia is an extract from Radha Rajan’s Article I read on the web.


(India’s present Prime Minister Narendra) Modi dealt Sonia Gandhi and the Generic Church, which manoeuvred her into the house of India’s (third) Prime Minister, a near mortal blow…

The ascent of Narendra Modi and his larger-than-life magnetic appeal sat the Generic Church in the corner with a dunce cap on its head.

But first, a clear definition of ‘Generic Church’ is in order.

Generic Church stands for all White churches of all denominations located in White Christian countries of North and South America, Europe and Australia. It has its pan-national and international instruments of war-by-other-means like the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, IMF, World Bank, global Christian funding agencies and mega NGOs like World Vision International, Red Cross, Action Aid, Greenpeace International, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, DFID, Oxfam and Cordaid among several others.

(These organisations have deep pockets and almost limitless funding for seeming secular programs in areas about which developing countries are first put on defensive, being especially beaten by the righteous rod that white funding countries wield. In India, they are) human rights, women’s rights, Dalit rights, big dams, climate change, anti-nuclear power, anti-fossil fuels, and all such activism which involves muscle flexing and arm-twisting to wrestle non-Christian national governments to the ground.

The Generic Church is a predator which feeds upon non-white and non-Christian nations and peoples while brown, black and other coloured churches are its fawning agent-lackeys.

Secularism is Christianity in Disguise

The Second Vatican Council through the pontifical document Ad Gentes declared,

‘The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature…the Church, being the salt of the earth and the light of the world (cf. Matt. 5:13-14), is more urgently called upon to save and renew every creature, that all things may be restored in Christ and all men may constitute one family in Him and one people of God.’

Secularism is Christian and only Christian. It is not religion neutral or non-religious or equal respect for all religions as it is made out to be by deracinated Hindus, Indian Muslims, Christians and the Left-liberal-secular brigade. It is a clear partitioning of the Territory of Christian Empire between the Church and the Christian king and demarcation of their respective areas of jurisdiction and authority.

Whatever queer creature it may be in India, secularism as was first conceived and formalised was a latter day all-Christian power-sharing instrument. Under secularism, the Church and the State were separated but they were both Christian and both committed to furthering Christianity – the Church through religion and the King or State through politics : United Nations, IMF, Ford Foundation, Greenpeace International et al.

The Generic Church is therefore the sum total and consolidation of all instruments, and all weapons old and new, crafted by the White Christian State and White Church to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth or ‘restore all things in Christ’, as stated by Decree Ad Gentes.

St. Augustine (or Saint Austin : 354-430 AD) more than 1600 years ago, in The City of God, Book XIX, Chapter 17, explored the ideal relationship between the ‘earthly city’ and ‘city of God’; this is the same as kingdoms established by Christian kings and the kingdom of God on Earth. St. Augustine held that it was the sacred duty of the earthly city to create the conditions to establish the city of God on earth.

Nature of the Generic Church

The Generic Church is missionary by nature.This superstructure has been raised not out of compassion and desire for the well-being of the world but to bring the entire world under the Christian heel. And until the Kingdom of God is established on earth, Green Card, Permanent Residence, American and EU visas and citizenship, Walmart and Macy’s will give us all glimpses of White Christian paradise. In this paradise, coloured Christians will be second class inhabitants with fewer privileges after all non-Christians have been burnt in Dante’s inferno.

The Generic Church has a single-point foreign policy agenda : every corner of the globe must be placed directly or indirectly under its control. This agenda is no different from the foreign policy agenda of Islam. For both Abrahamic cults, subjugating the world in the name of Jesus and Mohammed has remained unchanged since inception.

While Islam deploys only Jihad as weapon of foreign policy, the Generic Church has invented other, more successful weapons of war. Mega and Meta NGOs funding and supporting domestic NGOs, politically motivated social cause activists, and news media channels in every country where they have a foreign policy strategic intent, constitute the mercenary armies which goad, instigate and foment violent domestic unrest, at the very minimum to influence government policy and at the maximum leading to regime change.

Foreign-funded NGOs and 24×7 media channels are the latest weapons in the Generic Church’s armoury against Hindu India…


To read the main article, click here.


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