India : Hurdles Within And Abroad

The India media continues with more of its buzz. The daily Times Of India has filled more of its spread with Irfan Habib on saffronisation, Moody’s fears over foreign backlash, Amir Khan for India-Pak boxing fans, Lalu-Nitish in EC over Modi-Shah bluntness, December concert in Lucknow for hawala operative Ghulam Ali, and more outbursts against ‘India under RSS’ and disconnect of this Govt from ‘ the people.’

That is what the Indian recovery of its authenticity is up against: alround media projection of widespread disaffection.

But I am glad, the new awareness of the country’s mainstream is undeterred. It is braced for such opposition to its stand against terror-sponsoriing Pakistan, against its people for not opposing its Islamic state policies against minorities, including Muslims of non-sunni hues, against this reckless cultural corruption with closed thoughts and non-inclusive values, against imagined ideas of what India is, what it means to its people who are hiers to its millennial long history, learning at way of life, history, and their future.

Pakistan and its people can chart their own, to whatever they wish to be. The world can deal with itself howsoever.

India will change.

India will be stopped by nothing and no one. It will survive it all and thrive on its own terms, for itself, for its continuity, its people and their distinctly unique way of life.

Enough is enough…

India arises. Its mainstream are awake.
It is the greatest blessing the world will realise in a few decades. It is the one gap, one true loss, that will henceforth will be made good.

By India, its heritage, and its people.


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