Vedanta, Yoga And Veganism

By Sunil Srivastava

Spiritualism is a science and it has many benefits to counter negative emotions cultured or inadvertant in human beings. It is a Science which makes you see the Whole as One, which makes you understand the reality of nature. It makes you be happy, peaceful, live in the moment, and not have regrets of past or worries of the future.

All this can be achieved in the path of Yoga and Vedanta. It is a second birth. I believe this was the reason for calling Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas as Dwij – the second born.

But this Knowledge is not taught in schools, colleges and universities. Only a few bump into this when in the class room of life; they get knocked enough, begin to look for answers, and hit upon the path after much trial and error.

This knowledge is no other than the one preached by the Buddha, in which practice and belief non–violence is fundamental.

But alas, the Indian poets, writers, artistes and scientists who question the Indian Govt’s decision to enforce a ban on killing of cows and beef – eating, and encouraging a vegetarian diet in general, present a convoluted logic and espouse the cause of false freedoms.

There are scientific reasons behind promoting a vegan way of life. A person who knows science, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and their phenomenal effects on the environment and on human mind and body, would arrive at the same conclusion : support for vegan way of life.

Imagine, if you can eat raw meat just after killing ! Imagine, eating your pet who got killed … animals with 2 pair of eyes, 2 pair of ears/gills, 1 mouth/trunk, 4 limbs and so on.  Their forms establish that they are our conscious DNA Relatives.

Like any good or bad habit. if you kill once, the next killing becomes easier. It is hard to drink blood the first time but easier the next time. We get conditioned to killing, to disregarding the value life other than our own. It takes us towards commiting violence without scruples. To a violent state of mind, in other words.

It is no argument to say to ourself that it is not us, personally, who are doing the killing. There are still those, by the millions, who will do the killing to put the flesh on your table, who will embrace an unscrupulous disregard for lives other than their own, and take upon themselves a violent state of mind.

What will these men do ? How will they behave towards other people ? The indiscriminate shootings in the US are a pointer to violence accepting values system. The ISIS is its extreme manifestation. Pakistan, as nation of violent people who promote the violent mind-set amongst themselves, easily harbors terrorists and has no issues with adopting terror as as matter of state policy. What fate befalls the ISIS, the Islamists, and the state of Pakistan, is now being manifest.

India is the spiritual mother of the world. This is the land where the spiritual science of Vedanta, Yoga, and veganism, was established by an unbroken stream of seers over thousands of years. I have seen people from all walks of life, all over the world, congregate at Yoga and Vedanta Ashrams to get this Knowledge. They also embrace the Vegan way of life.

There are enough well-researched grounds today to prove that cancer, chickenguniya, bovine flu, mad cow and several other diseases, auto-immune issues and inflammations are linked to meat based diets. That is, through eating the flesh of life with DNAs close to our own.


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