India : On Surge For Clean Change

The media is abuzz with its backlash against change surging on the back of mainstream population of the country — the ignored vernacular Hindus. It is a forceful call for clean break against rule of the confabulating few : the nehruvians, gandhians, the congress clan, the lalus and their misas and ill-educated tejasvis, the caste foaming mulayams and mayawatis, the politburo esconced commies, and the ummah loyal muslims. The indigenous people of this ancient and forward looking nation have proclaimed : enough is enough.

All the buzz in the media today is against this change underway. It was Christian outrage, Muslim furore, beef and beef, saffronisation peeve… All projected to be in conflict with the idea of India and its dominant values imagined by secular-liberal minds, veritably burdened with the task of leading the country to alien prompts from western shores, the Vatican and Mecca, and their representing cliques within.

The media led by english language broadcasters is working overtime with its brief for the lost cause. In today’s spread, the Times Of India continues with its big display of calls from “artists and scientists” against the new India, emerging after the rule of select few under successive Congress regimes, of appeasement and caste found politics working against India’s mainstream population, and of the dialectics mouthing communist empty-heads.

The secular-liberal coterie fails to understand that artists and scientists, and whatever other professions it may include, hold no priviledge, no special status, in this march of change signalled by the Indian vox populi. This change is marked by a recovery of India-specific way of life, its history, its values and cultural freedoms. The momentum is set in the surge but has barely even begun.

People — the new people of changing India — are no longer beholden to specialists, especially journalists who are gone extinct in the web era. They might have been good during the 7 decades in India’s past, in days they held the centre stage cordoned off from the mainstream, but are out of sync today and would be still more irrelevant in the future being ushered in.

The changing India is aspiring for a clean break away from its talk-shop management fora, the advisory groups of dynast and oligarch appointees, the foreign funded NGOs and co-opted media barons, and people of granted standing but without the legs to stand on in the mass of common people, now awake to their heritage and destiny.

Amidst all this, the judiciary has come forward with a couple of bold nationalist initiatives : the uniform civil code and call for review to align the Muslim Personal Law with humane provisions in law for common citizens. There is an appeal now pendinding against the Supreme Court’s judgement against the NJAC, which had at its back the near unanimous will of the people.

The history of India is well on its recovery path… Already. And the mainstream political movement, spearheaded by Bhartiya Janata Party, is raising enough discomfort among the status quoists to signal the change I speak of.


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