Hindutva ? Why Is It Even Relevant ?

India has always been the land of Hindus, in the midst of whom all shades of faith and creed found refuge and easy assimilation.

Hindutva is the neo-political consciousness of same mainstream India evolved out of necessity.

Truth Within, Shines Without

The Hindu mainstream population is not a monolith and a sizeable part of it loathes regimentation. That is how it has evolved : to a very wide range of thought and values, diverse scriptural texts and perspectives, perhaps the widest among all belief systems, and to offering complete freedom to individuals to choose, experiment, and commit to one’s own preferred beliefs  in practice. There is no religion I know of which comes even close to this melting sea of diverity and freedom, which does not impose itself on people through fiats, fatwas or commandments. It is an immense basket of apparently contradictory paths to the same destination and prima facie opposing individual values systems for personal evolution, as it suits.

Clearly, the Hindu way of life neither needs a name nor is it possible to identify the vaishnava bhakta with an aghora, a naga sadhu or an indulging tantrik, as being of…

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