The Truth Is Here. With Us.

Truth did not manifest with Buddha. Nor with Ram, Krishna, Shankar or Swami. It has always been with us. In all ages, men who recognised it have spoken about it, some in great detail. The Vedic “Six Insighting Philosophies” express the same truth, ranging seamlessly between matter and spirit — mind, self and consciousness pure.

Along with Sankhya, Raja Yoga is a prominent one : it unveils the truth in one’s own immediate experience. Sankhya ends with two distinct, eternally separate entities, Seer or Self and Nature, diversely apparent and as one’s own.

Two Essence revealing ways are presented in the Mimansas, early and late. The early way is found on complete belief and committment to action, prescribed at length, accompanied with joyous trust of the One unseen and unmanifest behind all sights and events. The late Mimansa is Vedanta proper with a place for all human endeavour at evolving spiritually towards oneness with the same One.

The remaining two revealing philosophies, Vaisheshika and Nyaya, are meterial and cosmogonical constructs covering categories of substances gross and subtle as well as reasoned methodologies for perspective buildup.

The combination that works for educated 21st Century global citizens is Vedanta with Yoga. The first offers the seamless perspective between Matter and Immanence and the second leads us through successive personal experiences to clarify and validate the truth in our understanding.

The Truth is here. With us, within what and how we are : Things, People, Body, Organs, Vitality, Will, Thought, Impressions, Knowledge, and the Self.

No book or god is necessary for us to know the progressively revealed truths, and the one Truth, all by ourself.

We each could begin now.


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