Make Capital. But Be Fair.

Both gambling and capital making starts in the drive that hardens our loins. Feudal ways and structure hardened because of increased primacy it gave to individual will, in appropriating comfort and security. When people spoke of liberty and equality, and a global dissent movement rose on the back of enlightenment age values, the capital makers, who had already evolved a convenient status quo, gave us the world of finance. Then, everything reduced to economics : capital making, in short, as the alpha value it is today.

Unchecked capitalism perpetuates “life’s not fair” and accentuates often silent despondency within families and among friends. As it is now, the unfairness it has brought into our lives leaves most of us dark and brooding. Despite an apparent distribution of wealth, the misery borne on iniquity and injustice does not go away with a mere, “Life isn’t fair,” quip.

People have responded politically, through governance, “Well then, we just have to make it more fair. Won’t we ?” Fairness is an individual committment. Only people can be fair. They can then take the value to those around him, men who work for him.

Being fair all the time, in everything that we do, is however not easy. Not easy at all, given that human beings are conditioned to giving in easily to ways and means that are less than fair. Hence, the flip side of our committment to fair ways ethically derives from itself : strength, through capital making the finance world institutionalises, to negate unfairness in practice and soften its distorting consequence on others.

If we cannot be free of this drive that hardens our loins, let us channelise it with a thought about others, by being fair. It isn’t just of palliative value; fairness is the cure to rampant criminalisation, violence bred by estrangement and marginalisation, and fear found insecurities widespread in our societies.

Not just the load on our law and order and miscarraige in our justice delivery system, a world that assures fairness would also be more peaceful, more focused and effort efficient, and evolving in virtuous ways.

Be fair all the time, in everything that you do. It won’t be easy; you’d find it convenient to let youself loose. But come back. Be fair. You will leave less heartburns, enmity and bad blood along your own passage through life.


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