Freedom, Equality And The Sacred

The sacred is where the heart finds its missing ground, the complement which completes or steadies it, and where the mind comes to rest from its occupation.

What can be sacred in times when men are free to deify themselves, choose as they wish and be as they want ? Everybody is equally free to hold their opinion and belief, and equally vested with the power to affirm or deny any other. Clearly, tribal affiliation to a common god or community subscription to one practice or ideal is behind us. The sacred must evolve in the individual’s mind and bloom to overwhelming resonance in his own heart. It may mean nothing to the next man but everything to oneself.

It is possible to live a life without the sacred as indeed, I suspect, many do. Quite as billions who live a life without a quenching love, who pursue the loft of happiness and are yet overcome with judgements crawling in their mind, marring their way to being without fear of other people and things or resentment towards particular ones. Their openness has bounds, forgiveness is reserved and benedictions partial to some.

That is the norm in our present age : the new ordinary in times when people self-empower themselves as they choose. But a few would find the ensuing dissatisfaction unacceptable and would look to break out of their own bounden existential whorl in which they are confined, no matter how open a panorama lies before them.

The need for the sacred is driven by a deeper quest for liberation from one’s own preoccupations, partialities and prejudices. The bounds do not prevent the discovery of the way out of our bondage, as the law of gravitation is not veiled by all the chaos we sense about us. The sacred is like the sun, unsullied by the muck it shines on !

The man in quest of the sacred has my greater regard. The one who has found it has my reverence. Without them, the world wouldn’t know what it is to be kind in truth, to unreservedly love and forgive, and to reflect nature’s veiled rhythms with transparent depth.


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