Dreaming : Beyond The Rhetoric

There is no reality in dreams. Or, is there ? As there is no high in drugs or drink.

It’s the man, my dear, high or low
His mind that steels or rests as dough.

There are dreams and dreams that come and go. And one that returns and preoccupies, again and again.

All dreams are an experience. But the one that remains is special. It has your will, the will to do and attain.

Not everyone has a dream that is special. But then, not everyone is special.

If you are special, wait no more. Dedicate your time and effort, every bit you can muster, and start with gaining the first step, the next, and another…no matter how long it takes or saps your will. The failures do not matter to you. The next step does. Take it.

Other people who have things to say about the outcome, the start or end, do not matter. Just the ones who are with you, along the way, to help and enable, do.

Yet don’t expect anybody to do it for you. The dream is yours. Remember that.


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