Economy Reflects Public Sentiment

Is economics a science or arts discipline ?

I’d consider the question inappropriate, and inapt. This is one subject that has change as its basis, change in public sentiment toward hope, trust and confidence.

It would be a science if the quantitative and qualitative change in human activity, in their effort at creating value, were predictable.

Governance and Leadership could rouse (or depress) people, set them up along direction of growth; in which case, economics could come close to being predictable by one or other model we could apply. Close, not exactly, because the spread and degree of change in human involvement at work and in their spirit at enterprise can never be predicted in our highly charged political clime everywhere.

Economics is as much a subscript of political and social leadership as politics is a subscript of the economy. The question at the start seems so superfluous and superficial at best. I guess it was framed by the robotised academe in order to avoid a more in-depth, simple and direct, understanding of the phenomena !


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