Ram Rajya : Governance Benchmark

I’ll keep it simple and a-religious but not secular or liberal.

The real conflicts of interest are not even possible to resolve in our current constitution of economy and polity. Consider :

— Politicians must sound populist for votes, to the poor and unemployed.

But he must meet the interests of those who fund his campaign, the rich and entrenched.

— The investor is in the business of money.

His personal beliefs and empathies are irrelevant to his action, priority and overriding intent.

You can add more if you fathom the drift : doctors, pharma, housing, food, law and justice …

The systemic gap, constitutional and institutional, in what things mean to people and what men who matter make of them is unbridgable. That is the real challenge to governance.

The secular, liberal, free market thing may have a point in underscoring freedom. But that does not take care of its automatic sanction to freedom to profiteer, cheat, lie, falsify, mask, and vitiate for personal gain or eminence, to the gross detriment of very many others.

More and more are using the status quo along those lines today than can be managed onto moderation, policed or regulated, prosecuted and punished.

The ” Ram Rajya ” of Ramayana should be understood in that context. It fosters freedom and prosperity with enterprise and truth. It is the result of collective consent and committment to a way of life that overcomes personal imperfections without thwarting the will for action and creativity.

It is the individual submission of the entire population to this paramount belief : the welfare of other ensures my own.


3 thoughts on “Ram Rajya : Governance Benchmark

    1. We can try, Harbans !
      And to begin, let’s understand the ideal and what it means to each one of us. Let’s believe there is Lord Ram in our hearts : with compassion and justice, love and truth, respect and moderation …

      1. For Ram Rajya to be reality, we have to cleanse ourselves from our midst and drive out the devil which has made a residency in us. It has to start from each one of us. Not that everything was good in Ramrajya, some exceptions are always there in every society and at any time and space.

        Your optimism is really appreciable. :))

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