The Mind Is Dispensable

Oh, not right away, if you are rushing to object. One cannot resolve this matter about the mind without also being entangled in everything else. But first, a caution : This installment of my musings may not be for the sundry. Read on, to judge for yourself.

The mind is an instrument living entities have. The science minded could ponder over the nature of Heisenberg Principle. It is not as if the electron is a vague entity, as the cathode ray tube experiments have established beyond doubt. It has a velocity, momentum, that can be accurately measured. Its position at any point of time can also be exactly mapped. But man cannot do the two measures together, at  the same time, because of the limitations of instruments we use in the methodology : the mind, above all.

The mind is a living formation, with stimulii at one end and the Self, the I–immanence, at the other. While life happens, the mind captures its pattern and learns to perpetuate the entity within which it is happening, primarily through sense and capacity for will.

Notice how the mind of a tree learns to sense for water, soil nutrients, air and sunlight. The senses develop in accord with nature the entity has, in the life bound at its start. The earthworm has the ability to sense smell, which resides in soil. Ants have more advanced sense in comparison; it can smell sweet from several yards. They all have a mind of their own, to suit. We find animals with far sharper, more acute, senses than humans… But that line of development was overtaken somewhere along the evolution path for satiating another hunger : of society.

Entities are known to perpetuate asexually. The need to copulate with another is propelled by a much wider drive acting on more evolved living entities : unity, with entities other than oneself. The need is social. It brings in great complexities for the mind to learn and deal with, much compounding of feelings and emotions, will and thought, and reflection. Vertibrates and higher animals have far more complex sensory network along with mind well endowed to sense, feel and carry the will riding on resultant emotion.

Human beings show a wide range of capability of the mind in different individuals, at different age, under different situations or circumstance. But everyone can choose to put himself through well-laid processes to learn and train oneself into emptying the mind and its hunger. The physical evolution ended a long time ago and the mental one seems to be merely iterating in its well known consequences.

It is almost four thousand years since Buddha pointed out the fact. It will never be that entire humanity takes to his Way. But some who have had their fill of individual living may; and few who are ripened enough to renounce it happily will. The mind is the whole universe of every individual entity. It ceases with cessation of ownership of the universe it contains. The ownership is marked in our emotions, in our will that rides on each. There is no individual entity without it and no mind to accompany such entityship.

There is the immanence and life with its stimulii, and feelings that reflect the immanence in thought, not the individual. Our actions then are acts of life pure, flowing, without desire or memory, even when it seems otherwise !

The individuating mind, formed of hunger for perpetuation and eminence, is dispensable. I cannot find a word for what remains.


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