Death Penalty : Or Not ?


The dead do not seek or need justice.
It is the living who are wronged by others, for no fault of theirs, who need a closure to the constant cry in their heart. Justice has no more or no less context to it.
It is futile to project the justice humans deal out as godly; or as something more or other by packaging it in ornate, philosophical justifications to embellish it.
Death penalty will always be necessary in a society with men who will commit deeds outrageously contravening universal human values, acts that tear out our very hearts without let up with the memory of such exceptional crimes against humanity.In other words, to be able to abolish death penalty, human beings should become immune to the heart’s cry against such vilest of crimes. Until then, all arguments and philosophical homilies would prove spurious, superficial, even perverse.

battered souls


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