Middle Way And Abouts

It always works when the food on the table is moderately dressed and flavoured, with condiments on the side for those who wish to add, intensify or further lighten its taste. The reverse is almost impossible : dishes with intense character must be either heartily embraced or passed through nibbles, few and far in between.

Yet moderation is not just about utility value or wider appeal in the collective. It is a personal challenge difficult to achieve and long to attain. Nor is its domain restricted to matters sensed. There it is, perfected by few in speech and thought, behaviour and ethics, and in their very being : renouncing, aware, curious, unpossessive, interested but unattached with any… As one seated and unanchored, afloat, complete in the moment and outgrown in the next. Life then is in the god within calculus, differentiating to limited zero and integrating over upto infinity.

Extremes, away from the middle way, are unavoidable for the curious and the experience-hungry, for the character it gives to things and the personality it brings out in people : leaving them more individual than universal, more coiled in upon themselves than expanded. As the Everest climbers say : one, it’s there and that itself fills us with the imperative; and, two, the conquering only seems to be happening on the outside… It actually is over our self.

Ah, yes, I cannot imagine a youthful being who does not step up every once in a while to tap on the shoulders of the eextremes, the abouts spread around the moderate life that people, only ever ready to launch themselves towards eternity, choose to follow. The rest of us are aspirational, merely, until the call within intensifies to give the rise in our flight. The silence would descend upon us sometime in future, and deepen enough to set us in the immutability inhering in the Middle Way.



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