Rebel’s Exile Simple — I

It began early but in those days bleak

College, late teen, taught stupidity

That vocation they wished for me

Ere I found ways an’ chose to keep

So I trained for that I wished no part

At noons droning, sultry and hot

Meanings empty, drummed tall

Hopes detailed in abuzz halls

Logic, sciences, cures supposed

Lures promised of career before…

Then it was I’d let all pass

Sensing apart, nebulous

Through the pain plain

And crassery obvious.

It resolved next over long years

Under several keen-eyed Masters

Watching, prompting, allaying fears

In texts I read, the words they spoke

The women I kissed and drinks I stole

And in the temples I sat with weed

A pregnant heart and smoking need

Poised, unclear, primed high, slow

Amidst sights that hid the core

With life curating in my thrall

Sans money, its raised walls

Secreted egos it bade on call

Definitions heaped on a newborn

Unaware, dreaming murmurs soft :

On rainbow drift of yet one love

Hours, days and years passed

Freedom clenched of love fast

While I lived and earned just

A bit more, with a tiny plus

Content to walk in own spirit

Hands linked in troubled company

But in step and concurring

Trusting, beautiful, unworldly

With the unreal and its reality

Peace in disquiet, witnessing

Same being one and its fields :

Matter, mind and I within

Nature, powers fomenting

Hunger, laws, and drives cyclic

Then sleep empty, blissful clean

And dreams spun out of within

And the waking … happy or mean

Chuckling life’s huhs, sighing entirety :

Vanity fairs, deserted galleries

Burning days, moonlit oasis…

₹ $ & @

— to be continued —


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