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A Friday stands out for those who work 5 – day weeks. There’s no other day like it, especially for the young at heart who feel forever starved of me-time. The music is already on in the mind and the evening, bathed in freedom, is pregnant with opportunities. Its spell intoxicates with anticipation much before the first sip is tasted.

Yet, what would a week be without its disappointments. First, that opinion which held the agriculture ‘guilty’ of being slow to grow, and a drag on indices otherwise so promising. What does one say to that ? That, dear fool, you wouldn’t be alive, nor would there be an economy at all without agriculture, drag or not. I’m sure the opinion meant to underscore the need to inject improved ways into farming. But there was no gentleness or depth in the expression to communicate that.

Likewise seem the battle cries of feminists, who deem the veiled ways of woman in several societies as an insult and a means to deny females of their womanhood. Again, perhaps the intent is to point to their denial of choice in the matter; but the expression doesn’t seem as reasoned or stark. Woman should be able to choose, also to retain a curtained living space they can recede to when they want. In the summer, it is common to see women keep their faces veiled, as do men, to protect themselves from heat and blast of hot winds. We all keep ourselves covered, more or less, do we not ? I myself choose not to step into the living area of my house when it is filled with people I do not relate with. How does that take away my manhood, I wonder.

* * *

I wrote through the week in bits and pieces about the debt crisis in Greece. The harshest critics of its past and present government say that it has been profligate, more socialistic than it can afford, and downright irresponsible. Almost all advocate for the systemic status quo, IMF conditions to extended debt and the holy cow of scheduled repayments, the rights of European banks to assets in lieu if bailout loans to pay their dues are not arranged, and that high moral ground found on their own economic comfort.

The erroneous ways of successive Greek administrations is undeniable, not for the populist policy they pursued but because they created and ignored the revenue deficit for far too long, as to lose the capacity to manage the urgent consequences. The IMF loan and earlier EU bailout itself was a perverse capitalist attempt to fish in already murky waters. Was it not evident that loan for repaying a previous is signal to spiral into abyss ? Wasn’t Greece already living by a book that was openly unsquared off ? As a sovereign state, it was entitled to its erroneous way. But the pundits in IMF and EU ? Why did they not foresee the intractable compounding in its future along the set trajectory ?

* * *

It is a curious observation : I prefer life, and my movies, to be either grand or deep. Raquel Welch’s Hannie Caulder and Lee Van Cleef’s films were grand; no ambiguity, nothing grey that wouldn’t resolve into white or black soon enough. The Dishonoured Lady was deep; as exploratory was Vivien Leigh’s The Deep Blue Sea. Music can be both…

In continuation with my two-part Yoga posts, I’ll leave you with a sacred observation from Isha Upanishad :

” They are in dark, who do not know.

” They are in greater darkness,  who are engaged in living by what they know.”


On Indian soldiers in World War I …

What if forgotten, @BBCNews ?
What if remembered ?

If anybody told you they were anything other than mercenaries, with no cause of their own, they are lying for their own present day reasons.
What we do remember, and shall always, is how methodically the white country of Britain destroyed our economy, humiliated our people, disabused our knowledge base, killed our traditional educational institutions, partitioned our nation, and deliberately killed our millions through Churchill — induced famine.
That is all there is to remember… along with Edwina’s honeytrap on islamised Nehru.
Yeah, that is what we all would remember.

@narendramodi tweets of nirvana day, this day on which Swami Vivekananda shed his body.
The Sanatana Way has no such ‘nirvana’ concept. There is ‘moksha’ which is different … No one need necessarily die to attain that. Especially not the ever liberated ones…

In Vivekananda’s own words : I will shed this body as its date of use expires… I will come again and again to serve the living gods on earth — the poor, disempowered and the weak, and the ignorant everywhere.

‪#‎Epic‬ Lewis Carroll presented a mathematics book to Queen Victoria after she, impressed with Alice’s Adventures, requested that he dedicate his next work to her.
Maths ! ? Yeah.

Islamic‬ madrassa graduates can only become owaisis, not Abdul Kalams !


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