India’s Eco-Political Way

India’s republican politics began with social justice and managed economy, which soon degenerated into banana democracy and crony capitalism riding on corruption, red tapism and opaque governance, before it rebounded in early 1990s, consolidating through the turn of the century, worsening after 2005 and again jump- starting now in the middle of the second decade.

One marked feature in our current run is the confidence the country has shown in trusting its own particular basket of priorities, policies, institutional processes and governance structures, tuned to its very specific security, polity, energy, infra and consumption needs. It braced the transparency challenge and technologicall multipliers to appreciable effect, built grandly on democratic participation of its population, and has added flexibilities that have made for high responsiveness in real time.

Hence, today when I hear Noam Chomsky rail against the tyranny and subversions by the greedy and powerful, and for the vulnerable people, I gather that his concern is with how the situation is in the US, in particular, and wherever the US-style of capitalism has come to prevail. The crisis in Greece represents the same ‘colonialism by other means’ that US– backed IMF and Germany–led EU institutions pursue on behalf of their respective keepers and their MNC beneficiaries.

I specifically do not see the described problem relate to the ground situation in India, where the govt has rolled out a slew of food, education and health guarantee schemes for the poor, several public distribution channels operated or assured by the state, economic security, housing and small enterprise facilitation programs, etc.

The current NDA administration especially has been both people-centred and responsive in real time. And our participatory democracy couldn’t be better as of now, relatively speaking.

Which thought is sort of assuring and encouraging of the very tailored middle-way economic path India has chosen to follow, now with even greater strength and directed focus than ever before.

It spells goodness and virtuous polity when people trust their country and believe in its trajectory coming from before. The future is still unknown; but it wouldn’t be bad, we know.


4 thoughts on “India’s Eco-Political Way

  1. Great post! I admire your optimism.

    On another note, I look at a country as I look at myself, because after all, a country is a tapestry of different selves. Then, I ask myself what role did I play in the course of events. And often I realize that while I was busy socializing, entertaining, schmoozing, fighting, arguing, hating, despairing and so on, the clever eye was waiting for the right moment to strike and to take my essence.

    History and daily events for every part of the world are a clear definition of what takes place when we leave a door open, whether it is for religion, color, race, likes, dislikes, self gains… The hole in the ceiling that we fail to see keeps showing itself when we only care about the “me” rather than the “us”.

    At the end of the day, there is always someone out there who wants what we have. It is the nature of life itself. Our best solution is prevention rather than cure, one person at a time. Education! Vigilance! Dharma! Love!

    1. One, it all starts with the sense of aligning oneself with the kind of collective in my aspiration, to set up the values perspective.

      Two, a gentle but open readiness to do and give… within the situation one is in. It is enough to will it. The actual outflow is entirely circumstantial.

      Three, it is contribution enough to live up to the values in our aspiration, by the day… The occasions parade before us by the moment, to receive our action as we would or may. There is no single benchmark except what we have ourselves chosen to set for ourself.

      Our truth is always up within us. It should leave us happy, kind and forgiving, of ourself as much as of others. But life could be a bitch, and shit could always happen, and that could overstay ! We could then be taking instead of giving, and we should be able to do that with grace… a facilitation that depends as much upon ourself as on others.

      The collective should not leave anybody hopeless, about their morrow.

      1. I concur with everything you wrote as it pertains to those of us who have had a decent upbringing colored with health, finances, security, protection, love and/or education. But what about those at the bottom of society living in hellholes and pit holes? Who is there when they are beaten, tortured, hungry, sick, their children kidnapped into prostitution, drug and slavery and on, and on, and on? Who cries for them and with them?

        I am always hopeful that my tomorrow is sunnier than my present 🙂 Yet, when I turn my head in my psych unit and I see a 6 yr old boy hang himself because he had been raped multiple times, I realize that his life of suffering is not mine. He does not have access to the hope that I hold so dear.

        So, this is the reason why I see a country/government as a human being or a caring parent who has the perpetual responsibility to keep a close eye on its land, its people, its way of life, its ethics and its safety in order to create a secure and harmonious environment. Yes, indeed, shit happens and if this particular country, like a parent, has taken every possible measure, then fate and karma must be understood and accepted.

        Having said all that, I love the faith, trust and hope you have for India. Another golden era is always around the corner for every land. Cheers! Cheers!

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